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High Power 180A Dual Channel Brushless Motor Controller

Part Number: NR4-GBL2660

GBL2660T High power dual channel brushless motor controller

    • Brushless DC Motor Controller
    • Dual Channel
    • 2 x 180A
    • 60V
    • USB
    • CANbus
    • Trapezoidal / Sinusoidal
    • FOC
    • Encoder Rotor Sensor
    • Hall Rotor Sensor

    Motor Type:

    Brushless DC


    Maximum Voltage: 60

    Number of Channels: 2

    Maximum Amps per Channel: 180

    Continuous Amps per Channel: 120

    Power Connections: Power Terminals

    Field Oriented Control (FOC): Yes


    Trapezoidal: Yes

    Sinusoidal: Yes


    RS232: Yes

    RS485: Yes

    USB: Yes

    CANbus: Yes

    Ethernet: No

    Rotor Sensor

    Encoder: Yes

    Hall: Yes

    Sin/Cos: Yes

    SSI: Yes

    SPI: No

    Resolver: Yes

    Inputs / Outputs

    Maximum Analog Inputs: 8

    Maximum Digital Inputs: 10

    Maximum Digital Outputs: 6

    Maximum Pulse Inputs: 8

    Functional Safety

    Safe Torque Off (STO): No


    Cooling: Conduction plate

    Dimensions: 140mm x 140mm x 25mm

    Weight: 3000g