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Shaftloc® Sleeves & Pulleys

Shaftloc® & Accessories

Shaftloc® is a patented fastening system that makes use of a simple two piece construction to secure rotating components to a shaft. The key to this compact, efficient design is the wedging action created by its unique thread profile. Full details on this design and its advantages are given in the catalog. Several styles of Shaftloc® fastener are available, as well as special pulleys to be used with them.

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Shaftloc® Pulleys (Inch)

Commercial Shaftloc® Pulleys

Shaftloc® Pulleys come molded with a metal insert and are available in single or double flanges. They are available in XL, L, HTD® 3mm, and HTD® 5mm pitches.

Commercial A-Type Shaftloc® Sleeves

Commercial A-Type Shaftloc®

The A-Type Shaftloc® consists of a bolt and nut. The nut will turn freely until it contacts the parts being clamped together. Additional turns will wedge the parts locked and vibration-resistant.

Commercial Doubled-Ended Shaftloc® Sleeves

Commercial Doubled-Ended Shaftloc® Sleeves

Doubled-Ended Shaftloc® Sleeves work by tightening the components between the inner and outer sleeves of the Shaftloc®. When threaded together the outer sleeve expands and the inner one contracts to hold the component together with the shaft.

Commercial M-Type Shaftloc® Sleeves

Commercial M-Type Shaftloc®

The M-Type Shaftloc® are constructed of a slotted bolt and a nut. Tightening the nut causes the slotted sleeve to contract, gripping the shaft and clamping the part to the sleeve at the same time.

Commercial Shaftloc® Sleeves

Commercial Single-End Style Shaftloc® Sleeves

The Single-End Style Shaftloc® Sleeves are assembled on the same side of the component. Threading them together causes the outer one to expand and the inner one to contract, resulting in the component being fastened to the shaft.