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Magnetic track sensor with 3-axis Gyroscope

Part Number: NR6-MGSW1600

MGSW1600, All-metal, shock-resistant 160 mm wide magnetic track sensor with 3-axis Gyroscope, serial, USB, analog, PWM and CAN output.

  1. All-metal, shock-resistant
  2. 160 mm wide magnetic track sensor
  3. 3-axis Gyroscope
  4. Serial
  5. USB
  6. analog
  7. PWM
  8. CAN output


 Sensing Width: 160
 Sensing Height: 10-60mm


 RS232: Yes
 USB: Yes
 CANbus: Yes


 Analog Out: Yes
 PWM Out: Yes
 Fork / Markers IO: Yes


 Connector Type: M12
 Number of pins: 8
 Cable Length: No Cable


 Enclosure: Alumium
 Dimensions: 166mm x 30mm x 38.5mm
 Weight: 250g

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