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Integrated Motor Controllers

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Applications for integrated Motors

Integrated Motor Drive System vs. Conventional Servo System

Multi-axis machinery and industrial automation made easier. Doing speed, position and torque closed-loop control with separate brushless motor and driver/controller technologies can be challenging. Our integrated motor controllers provide easier set-up, smaller and cleaner motion control solutions. By keeping the wiring from the motor to the driver short, integrated motor controllers are the perfect solution for reducing the communication time for the signals from the drivers to the motors. Our integrated motor controllers include state-of-the-art 4096 lines encoder and CANOpen network protocols in an intelligent plug-and-play package.

Due to the built-in current limiting, the drives are safeguarded against thermal overload. Fewer components mean better reliability and the 16kHz current loop for precise, smooth & quiet sinusoidal commutation with Field Oriented Control (Vector Control). With the elimination of multiple components, connectors, cabling, and labor a significant cost savings is also realized.

Integrated motor controller versus separate motor and drive? A case can be made that the time saved by using integrated solutions is more cost efficient and easier without compromise on performance to separated motor – driver solutions.

Integrated Motion Controllers Brochure
Download our Intgrated Motion Controllers Brochure

Experience the benefits of an Integrated Motor Controller
  • Easier set-up
  • Compact motion control solution
  • Faster response time between components
  • Protection against thermal overload
  • Improved reliability
  • Cost efficient system

Prefix Frame Size Voltage
Rated Torque
NH5-DM NEMA 23 12-48 70.6 - 282.5 mN • m
NH5-iLD60M 60mm 12-70 0.64 & 1.28 Nm

NEMA 23 Integrated Motors
Part Number: NH5-DM 

  • Economical turn key solution to speed and torque analog
    motion control.
  • Compact integral BLDC controller match and pre-setup to
    NH1-DMA0 NEMA 23 Brushless motor.
  • 100% tested and ready to use.
  • Available in open and closed loop speed control and open loop
    torque control.
  • Included 24 inches long power and control cables assemblies
  • UL approved for smooth and precision control.

60mm Integrated Motors
Part Number: NH5-iLD60M

  • High-Efficiency, compact 60mm frame permanent magnet motor.
  • Available with optional precision gearbox.
  • Can be extensively automated and customized using its built-in
    scripting language.
  • Multiple motors can be daisy chained over a CANbus network.
  • UL approved for smooth and precision control.

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