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Low Power 40A Brushless Motor Controller

Part Number: NR4-SBLMG1360T

SBLMG1360T brushless motor controller

  • Brushless DC Motor Controller
  • Single Channel
  • 1 x 40A
  • 60V
  • USB
  • CANbus
  • Trapezoidal / Sinusoidal
  • FOC
  • Programmable Dig/Ana IO
  • Molex Connectors
  • Cooling plate
  • STO PLe
  • Cat3
  • SIL3 (Pending)

Motor Type:

Brushless DC


Maximum Voltage: 60

Number of Channels: 1

Maximum Amps per Channel: 40

Continuous Amps per Channel: 20

Power Connections: Blade Terminials

Field Oriented Control (FOC): Yes


Trapezoidal: Yes

Sinusoidal: Yes


RS232: Yes

RS485: No

USB: Yes

CANbus: Yes

Ethernet: No

Rotor Sensor

Encoder: Yes

Hall: Yes

Sin/Cos: Yes

SSI: Yes


Resolver: No

Inputs / Outputs

Maximum Analog Inputs: 6

Maximum Digital Inputs: 6

Maximum Digital Outputs: 2

Maximum Pulse Inputs: 6

Functional Safety

Safe Torque Off (STO): Yes


Cooling: Conduction plate

Dimensions: 74vmm x 73 m x 25mm

Weight: 96g

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