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48V AGV Geared Motor Kits - 142mm • Without Brake, With Ethernet

Part Number: NR3-AGV142A03-G

89mm AGV Frame Motor Gearbox Wheel Assembly and Brake

  1. 142mm Frame Motors
  2. Gearbox
  3. Wheel Assembly for 1200kg Mobile Robot up to 3000 rpm,
    With Brake.
  4. Motor Controller - Part No: NR4-GBL2660E
  5. Ethernet


Motor Frame Size: 142

Motor Dimensions (w x h x l (mm)): 142 x 142 x 157.3

Maximum Robot Weight (kg): 1200

Brake: No

Max Motor Speed (rpm): 3000

Gear Ratio: 9:1

Wheel Diameter (mm): 156.4

Max Robot Speed (m/s): 6

Voltage (Vdc): 24

Nominal Amps (Arms): 50

Max Amps (Arms): 120

Torque at Motor (Nm): 9.2

Torque at Wheel (Nm): 83

Motor Shaft Encoder (PPR): 4096

Number of Pole Pairs: 10

Assembly Weight (kg): 15


 Ethernet: Yes