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Self-Clinching Pressbearings from SDP/SI

Press Release  |  August 8, 2013  |  Hicksville, NY

SDP/SI offers three different series of self-clinching pressbearings.

SDP/SI (ISO 9001 + AS9100 Registered) offers three different series of Spyraflo self-clinching pressbearings. Self-clinching bearings have a recess so that, when the bearing is pressed into the mounting surface, the surrounding ductile metal is displaced into the recess to create a strong hold. A serrated knurl prevents the bearing housing from rotating. These bearings are used in a wide variety of products, including business machines, motors, power tools, medical devices, and computer peripherals. Available with sintered bronze, PTFE impregnated bronze, or acetal with PFTE, all three are self-lubricating and self-aligning to ±5°. They work with very thin metal surfaces, and installation is compact and easy, with minimal assembly parts needed.

Each bearing material has certain advantages, depending on the application. The sintered bronze units, identified as the A 7Z40-... series, are an economical choice suitable for high speeds and moderate loads. Max. speed ranges from 5090 to 30550 rpm, max. radial load from 70 to 2000 lbf, and operating temperature from -20°F to 200°F.  The PTFE filled acetal units, identified as the A 7Z43-... series, have excellent corrosion resistance and low friction, but cannot handle as high a speed or load as the sintered bronze. Max. speed ranges from 970 to 7500 rpm, max. radial load from 20 to 640 lbf, and maximum temperature from -40°F to 300°F. Like the PTFE acetal, the PTFE impregnated bronze units, identified as the A 7Z60-... series, are granted some thermal insulation from the PTFE. As a result, they have an extreme temperature range of -330°F to 380°F.

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