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    Press Releases   SDP/SI Attends Engineering Career Day at Merrick Avenue Middle School

SDP/SI Attends Engineering Career Day

Press Release  |  April 1, 2014  |  Hicksville, NY
Orville Ashley and James Mueser represented Stock Drive Products and Sterling Instrument, both divisions of Designatronics Inc., at Merrick Avenue Middle School's engineering career day on Wednesday, March 26th, 2014. The all-day event featured several local engineering schools and companies, with hundreds of students packing into the gymnasium to visit all the different tables and learn about the industry and potential career opportunities.

SDP/SI featured many component samples and kits for the kids to play with and take home, as well as a large motorized display model that showcased all their different types of drive components in motion. The intention was to spark interest in the kids through active engagement, and for many of them, this endeavor proved to be very successful. Many kids' eyes lit up as they played with the kits, and many kids asked questions about what the parts were, how they worked, and what they were used for. Orville and James gave them clear explanations of how engineering components and know-how were necessary to bring all kinds of everyday applications to life. Some kids even explicitly expressed interest in the field. SDP/SI recognizes that engineering can always be improved through innovation, and wants to encourage young people to utilize their untapped potential.