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Slip Ease Clutches From SDP/SI

Press Release  |  February 4, 2014  |  Hicksville, NY
SDP/SI (ISO 9001 + AS9100 Registered) offers a new, low backlash variant on its existing line of multi-plate in-line slip clutches. Both versions feature an all mechanical design, which makes them considerably cheaper than electromechanical alternatives. The slip plates are layered with friction pads in between, and an adjusting nut sets the slip torque by squeezing the plates together. The outer plates are tabbed to fit into the output housing and the inner plates are connected to the input hub, so that the two ends disengage from one another upon slipping. These clutches are commonly used for overload protection to prevent injury and machine failure, but have a wide variety of other applications such as tension control and positioning retention hinges like the ones in reclining chairs.

While the Slip-Ease and normal backlash clutches both operate on the same mechanical principal, the Slip-Ease variant features a slight change in the design of the housing that offers several distinct advantages, namely reduced backlash of about 2 degrees. The recesses for the tabs of the outer slip plates are cut in such a way that the tabs lie in plane with the housing. This provides a tighter fit between the tabs and the housing, which results in lower backlash. It also reduces the overall diameter of the clutch, so that the torque output for a given size is greater. Identified as the S98CA7-... series these low backlash clutches are perfect when precision is required and space is limited.