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SDP/SI is a leading manufacturer of small mechanical components,
servicing a wide variety of aerospace, medical and commercial
industries for over 50 years.

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1 mm Miniature Pitch Timing Belts
1, 2 and 3 mm
Miniature Pitch Timing Belts:

Offered with either Kevlar® or fiberglass cord reinforcement, the Kevlar® "B" series offer a greater number of groove sizes than the fiberglass"G" series. The ranges are 91 to 559 grooves for A 6B18M... , 142 to 705 grooves for A 6G18M... , 49 to 290 grooves for A 6B19M... , 83 to 182 grooves for A 6G19M... , 45 to 200 groves for A 6B20M..., and 86 to 120 grooves for A 6G20M... .

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Shaftloc® is a simple two-piece keyless fastener for mounting mechanical components onto a shaft within seconds. Due to its asymmetric thread geometry, a large radial clamping force is produced when the nut is tightened. These precision fasteners are vibration resistant and offer infinite radial and axial adjustments and are suitable for
high-speed applications.

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Precision Spring Products
Precision Spring Products:
Designed and manufactured for everyday use to high performance applications. Open & enclosed spring reels are available in a wide range of sizes. Constant Force Springs
are compact and light weight.

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Miniature Ball Bearings
Miniature Ball Bearings:
New miniature pillow block mounted ball bearings meets the demand for an economical and precision bearing for small shaft sizes. The pillow block simply screws into place, eliminating costly designing, manufacturing and assembly processes. These miniature ball bearings can be used for precision applications such as medical and scientific instrumentation and mechanisms. A  7Z29-...Series
and A  7Z29M...Series