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Whether it's diffusing a bomb or performing a delicate surgery, every robotics application is dependent on one thing: precise motion.
SDP/SI proudly includes the robotics industry among the many markets it supplies with quality miniature drive components. Robotics is especially important because the possibilities for applications are nearly endless; as a result, robots have become far more commonplace in many different industries over the years. No matter what the application is, the success of any robotic operation hinges on one thing: precise motion. The precision mechanical components offered by SDP/SI ensure just that, whether it's a custom gear assembly, a standard stock item or a modified standard component.

While saving lives is important, so is providing entertainment, and like any other industry, animatronics requires the latest and best hardware to stay on top of its game. Like robotics, it's all about precise motion. That's why animatronics companies turn to SDP/SI as their manufacturer of choice for the precision gears, racks, shafts and couplings they need to make their creations come to life. It just goes to show that there's no end to the wonders made possible by the standard products and custom manufacturing services SDP/SI provides.

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