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Robotic and Automation Applications (Continued)

Today’s robotic and automation systems require faster speeds, precise motion and in some cases more compact design. Product applications can range from miniature precision motion, as in an operating room or scientific lab to more course action as on the shop floor or assembly line. SDP/SI provides a wide range of standard components, motors, motion control products and manufacturing capabilities that assist global manufacturers in reaching their goals.


  • Cargo Movers
  • Satellites – wing positioning
  • Pan and Tilt Camera System
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Actuation/Positioning Systems
  • Robotic Surgery
  • Door Releases
  • Pick and Place
  • AGV
  • Animatronics

We manufacture and supply key components that produce smooth, precise movement required in robotic and automation applications. Our capabilities include custom design, reverse engineering, precision manufacturing, and assemby. Prototype to high-volume production runs.

Robotic DesignProcess

We design and manufacture simple to complex drive systems that result in efficient, accurate motion. Our engineers look forward to working with you!   Send an RFQ

Belt Drives
Synchronous timing belt and pulley drives systems are ideal for small robots or joints in large robots, offering flexibility in design for other required parts.

  • Synchronous Timing Belts and Pulleys, 1 mm Pitch and larger
  • Belt Clamps and Tensioners

Gear Drives
Gear drives provide dependable, low maintenance power transmission. Common gear types used in automation and robotic applications are: spur gears, bevel gears, worm gears and rack and pinion.

Compact gear arrangements are used in limited space requirements. Larger joints, where higher torque is required, large diameter gears are used. Worm gear drives are non-back-drivable at high ratios causing the joints to hold position, these drives are appropriate for low-speed applications.

Minimizing backlash through careful planning and high-precision gearing will result in efficient, accurate motion.

  • Fine to Medium Pitch Gears, Gearboxes, Differentials and Gearheads

Chain Drives
Chain and sprocket drives work well at lower speeds transmitting rotary motion between two parallel shafts.

  • Sub-miniature Chain and Sprockets, .1227 Pitch and larger
  • Chain Tensioners