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    Faces of Manufacturing - Zheng Xu

Faces of Manufacturing 2023

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Zheng Xu

Job Title:

Engineering Intern


Designatronics: (SDP/SI)

Years with Company:

~ 3 months

Industry of Your Company:

Manufacturing / Engineering

Training / Education:

New York Institue of Technology / Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology

I am the most recent intern at Designatronics and have been given various projects to work on. My current assignment involves creating an Engineering Onboarding Package/Manual. This comprehensive guide aims to assist new engineers who have recently joined the company and are unfamiliar with their tasks. Inside the manual, there are instructional materials, procedures, tutorials, and essential company information. The goal is to ensure that incoming engineers can refer to the manual, making their integration into the company smoother and more efficient.

Furthermore, I've collaborated with my colleagues to enhance and rectify issues related to the MiR robot, which is presently in development. Tasks include configuring the robot's designated rest area, setting destinations, and determining its routes. The purpose of this robot is to aid different workstations (such as Deburring, Pressing, Drilling, Set Screw, etc.) in material transportation, reducing the need for employees to traverse the factory to collect materials.

We've also initiated the setup of tablets for each workstation. This implementation allows for streamlined material requests between stations. For instance, if a station, like Pressing, requires materials from another station, they can easily initiate the request by a simple tap on the tablet. The robot will then automatically proceed to the designated station, where the requested materials will be loaded and sent back with a click of a button, optimizing workflow efficiency.