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Faces of Manufacturing
    Faces of Manufacturing - Megan Fahey

Faces of Manufacturing 2023

Megan Fahey at her desk.

Megan Fahey

City / State of Residence:

Glenwood Landing, N.Y.

Job Title:

Mechanical Engineer


Designatronics: (SDP/SI)

Years with Company:

3 months

Industry of Your Company:

Manufacturing / Engineering

Training / Education:

Fordham University; Graduated May 2023

What made you decide to pursue a career in manufacturing?

I decided to pursue this career because I wanted to be able to contribute to the future of engineering and manufacturing, and I wanted to work with people who are also driven by innovation.

What does your job entail?

On a daily basis, I make models of custom parts on a 3D software, I create and edit various prints of these parts, I interact with customers over the phone, and I examine different products if any manufacturing issues arise.

What is the most interesting part of your job? Your proudest moment?

The most interesting part of my job is knowing that I am helping to create specific items for customers who can use them for various applications in their own lives. My proudest moment was submitting my first drawing for manufacturing and then viewing the end product before it was shipped out.


What do you love about manufacturing?

I love how there are numerous ways to help customers in this field, whether it be designing a specific component for them or answering any questions or concerns they may have over the phone.

What advice would you give to kids considering a job in manufacturing?

This job is perfect for those who enjoy thinking creatively, and it allows you to feel proud that you are contributing to the many forms of innovation in the world.

What advice would you give to manufacturers to help increase kids' interest in manufacturing as a career choice?

I think it would be interesting for kids to be exposed to all of the different machinery used and products that are made every single day. I would encourage them to be exposed to all of these different fields to understand how everyone works together to achieve a specific goal.